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The Master of Arts in Education-Alternative Routes to Certification (MAE-ARC) program includes special pathways designed to meet the needs of individuals who want to focus on secondary education. The MAE-ARC program is heavily, but not entirely, based in the field. During the field-based portion of this program, candidates are assigned mentors in a school district in addition to their cooperating teacher.

The certification portion of the MAE-ARC program is a 19-credit segment that begins in June.  During the summer session, candidates complete a 40 hour practicum experience in a summer school setting.  Beginning in the fall, candidates enter an open-ended internship in a school. If you are currently employed or have strong relationships with a school, we will work creatively with you to explore the possibility of an appropriate internship where you are. Typical internships begin on the first teacher report day of the school year and continue through the school year.  In rare cases, early completion can be arranged. During this time, the candidate spends all day every day in their internship gaining an intimate knowledge of how schools work.

When the candidate and supervisor agree that the candidate is ready and prepared, the university supervisor will oversee the completion the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA). When the candidate has successfully completed the TPA and completed his/her student teaching he/she may be recommended for a Residency Teaching Certificate with the appropriate endorsement(s).

After candidates have completed the initial certification portion of the program, they will have three years to complete the remaining 17 credits in the MAE degree.  These classes will be made available on nights and weekends so candidates are able to work while finishing the degree.

We accept applications through April 1. Click here for more information on how to apply.  Click here for more information about endorsements.

Summer Semester:
EDUC 544 Sociocultural Foundations of Education(2)
EDUC 520 Issues of Child Abuse and Neglect(1)
EPSY 583  Current Issues in Secondary Teaching(2)
EDUC 556 Critical Issues in Secondary Teaching(2)

Fall Semester:
EDUC 561   Instructional Methodology for Secondary Teachers(4)
EDUC 563B Integrating Seminar(2)

EDUC 563B (Continued)

Spring Semester:
EDUC 568 Internship in Teaching(6)

Typical Schedule


June-August attend classes at PLU all day on Friday and Saturday plus complete a 40 hour practicum


Internship in the schools Monday-Friday and attend class at PLU on six Saturdays  


Internship in the schools Monday-Friday and attend class at PLU only a few Saturdays

Classes to Complete the MAE:
EDUC 510   Teaching Reading and Language Arts(3)
EDUC 529   Reading & Writing Across Secondary Curriculum(2)
SPED 577   The Inclusive Classroom(2)
EDUC 562   Schools and Society(2)
EDUC 563A Application of Technology Tools for Teachers(2)
EDUC 566   Advanced Cognition, Development, and Learning(2)
EDUC 590   Culminating Seminar(4)