Department ofEducation

The Master's with Residency teacher certification is an innovative program leading to certification at either the elementary or secondary level.  The program provides coursework, theory, and application in school settings to prepare you for the demanding and rewarding role of a teacher today.  Faculty include recent teachers and PLU partners closely with area school districts to provide you a rigorous and well-planned internship experience.

The program follows a cohort model.  Thus you will move the program with the same group of candidates, thus building a support network and working collaboratively in small groups from day one.  This model also enhances individual attention from faculty.  The option for a thesis allows candidates to complete research and prepare themselves for doctoral work.

The program begins with intensive coursework during the summer followed by a year long internship in the schools.  Candidates continue taking some coursework during the fall and spring during the afternoons/evenings.  The program finishes with a culminating seminar early in the second summer.

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