Department ofEducation

Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA)

Conceptual Overview
In this assessment, you will describe, analyze, and evaluate the teaching of a 3-5 lesson unit of literacy instruction that will be referred to as a “learning segment”. The assessment is built around the proposition that successful teaching is based on knowledge of subject matter and subject-specific pedagogy, knowledge of one’s students, involving students in monitoring their own learning process, reflecting and acting on candidate-based and student-based evidence of the effects of instruction on student learning, and considering research/theory about how students learn. The WA TPA assessment is clearly focused on candidate impact on student learning (WAC 181-78A-010 (8-9). To complete the assessment, you will describe your plans and what you actually did to impact student learning (the “what”), provide a rationale for your plans and an analysis of the effects of your teaching on your students’ learning (the “so what”), and analyze and reflect on the resulting student learning to plan next steps in instruction or improvements in your teaching practice (the “now what”).