Department ofEducation

Tim Bruce

School Leadership Coordinator

Office 253.535.7106

Ron Byrnes

Associate Professor

Office 253.535.7286

Steve Colgan

Clinical Assistant Professor

Office 253-535-7148

Diana Duclos

Assistant to the Dean

Office 253.535.7275

Kent Gerlach


Office 253.535.7277

Judy Hassen

Clinical Assistant Professor

Office 253.535.8342

Lauren Hibbs

Director of Partnerships & Professional Development

Office 253 535-8790

Michael Hillis

Associate Professor, Post-Baccalaureate Coordinator

Office 253.535.7288

Frank Kline

Professor and Dean

Office 253-535-7272

Mary Jo Larsen

Director of Information Management & Technology

Office 253-535-8456

Amy Lavold

Visiting Clinical Instructor

Office 253-538-5885

Paula Leitz

Associate Professor of Education - (on phased retirement)

Jan Lewis

Associate Provost for Curriculum

Office 253.535.7283

Kathlyn Mickel

Field Placement Director

Office 360.840.9059

Karen Ponsness

Receptionist and Placement Files Coordinator

Office 253.535.7272

Lenny Reisberg


Office 253.535.7280

Vidya Thirumurthy

Associate Professor

Office 253.535.7279

Vanessa Tucker

Assistant Professor

Office 253 535-7112

Briana Van Horn

Assistant Director of Admissions and Advising

Office 253-535-7276

Jan Weiss

Assistant Professor

Office 253.535.7282

Greg Williams


Office 253.535.7728