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Questions about Placement Services

A placement file is a collection of specific documents related to professional employment. It is assembled by you and maintained by the School of Education and Movement Studies. You can request the documents to be sent to potential employers who have asked you to provide credentials.

Click here to request a placement file be sent.

A placement file contains the forms, and only the forms, listed here:

  • PLACEMENT OFFICE REGISTRATION. This form includes your designation that the status of the file be "Open" or "Closed/Confidential."
  • PERSONAL DATA SHEET. This one page form is not a resume but fulfills some of the same function in the abbreviated way. Like the resumeé, the "look" of this form should be neat and crisp (typed, succinct, not hand written).
  • RECOMMENDATION LIST. This form is used internally in the School of Education and Movement Studies to identify those individuals who have agreed to write recommendations for you, and to document the receipt of those recommendations. This form is not sent out as part of your placement file.
  • RECOMMENDATION FORM FOR TEACHING(3). You need to identify three people who have observed you while teaching and whose qualifications for writing the recommendation will likely be viewed by a personnel officer as relevant.  We strongly urge you to include student teaching personnel (e.g., your supervising teacher or a building administrator from your school) as two of your references. Any potential employer will very likely view the absence of recommendations from these key people as significant . Be sure to inform your potential references that the boxes need to be filled in and that employers are particularly interested in written comments, especially if the comments are in letterform and on letterhead. In fact, some personnel officers ask for letters of recommendation in lieu of a placement file, so asking for a letter with the recommendations form is wise.  Remember to provide each person you have asked for a recommendation with the form and a stamped, preaddressed envelope to:  
 Pacific Lutheran University
School of Education and Movement Studies
Tacoma, WA 98447-0003
 Attention: Placement Files

  • APPENDIX B. PERMISSION TO USE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN EDUCATION RECORDS (also called "Appendix B"). When the writer of a Recommendation is a person working with a PLU contract (e.g. professor, university supervisor), you need to provide this form to the writer along with the Recommendation For for Teaching, and request that this form be returned along with the Recommendation Form for Teaching.

For more questions concerning placement services, please go to the FAQ on this Web site.