Department ofEducation

Below is a list of courses offered by Instructional Development and Leadership, along with the term(s) in which they are usually offered. For current academic offerings, please view the course schedule.


Term(s) Offered

EDUC 205: Multicultural Perspectives in the Classroom Fall, J-Term, Spring
EDUC 320: Issues of Child Abuse and Neglect Summer, Fall, J-Term, Spring
EDUC 385: Comparative Education


EDUC 390: Inquiry into Learning I Fall
EDUC 391: Foundations of Learning Fall
EDUC 392: Inquiry into Learning II Fall
EDUC 394: Technology and Teaching: Laboratory Fall
EDUC 406: Mathematics in K-8 Education Spring
EDUC 408: Literacy in K-8 Education Spring
EDUC 410: Science/Health in K-8 Education Fall
EDUC 411: Strategies for Language/Literacy Development Summer
EDUC 412: Social Studies in K-8 Education Fall
EDUC 413: Language/Literacy Develpment Summer
EDUC 414: Foundations in Early Childhood Education Summer
EDUC 415: Working with Families of Young Children J-Term
EDUC 416: Assessment in Early Childhood Summer
EDUC 417: Early Childhood Curriculum, Instructional Strategies, and Progress Monitoring Summer
EDUC 419: Child Guidance and Positive Behavior Support Summer

EDUC 424: Inquiry into Teaching I

Summer, Spring
EDUC 425: Inquiry into Teaching II Summer, Fall
EDUC 428: Children's Literature in the K-8 Curriculum J-Term
EDUC 429: Adolescent Literature in the Secondary Curriculum J-Term
EDUC 430: Student Teaching in K-8 Education Fall, Spring
EDUC 431: Children's Writing Summer
EDUC 434: Student Teaching- Elementary Fall, Spring
EDUC 438: Strategies for Whole Literacy Instruction (K-12) Fall, Spring
EDUC 444: English in the Secondary School Various
EDUC 446:Mathematics in the Secondary School Various
EDUC 447: Science in the Secondary School Fall
EDUC 448: Social Studies in the Secondary School Fall
EDUC 450: Inquiry into Learning and Teaching Fall, Spring

EDUC 468: Student Teaching- Secondary

Fall, Spring

EDUC 488: Higher Education Leadership (1-4)


EDUC 490: Acquisition and Development of Language

EDUC 495: Internship Fall, Spring
EDUC 497: Special Project Fall, Spring
EDUC 510: Teaching Reading and Language Arts Summer
EDUC 520: Issues in Child Abuse and Neglect Summer
EDUC 528: Reading and Writing Across the K-8 Curriculum J-Term
EDUC 529: Reading and Writing Across the Secondary Curriculum J-Term
EDUC 538: Strategies for Whole Literacy Instruction (K-12) Fall, Spring
EDUC 544: Sociocultural Foundations of Education Summer
EDUC 545: Inquiry and Action into Social Issues and Problems Spring
EDUC 555A/B: Family and Community Engagement Various
EDUC 556: Critical Issues in Secondary Teaching Summer, J-Term
EDUC 558: Reflective Seminar in Teacher Leadership Summer, Fall, Spring
EDUC 560: Practicum Summer, Fall, Spring
EDUC 561: Instructional Methodologies for Secondary Teachers Fall
EDUC 562: Schools and Society Fall
EDUC 563A: Integrating Seminar: Application of Technology Tools for Teachers Fall
EDUC 563B: Integrating Seminar: Internship Fall, Spring
EDUC 564: The Arts, Mind, and Body J-Term
EDUC 565: Elementary Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies Fall
EDUC 566: Elementary Math and Science Fall
EDUC 568: Internship in Teaching Fall, Spring
EDUC 570: Introduction to Educational Leadership Summer
EDUC 571: Schools and Their Communities Spring
EDUC 574: Instruction and Curriculum: Theory and Development Summer
EDUC 575: Managing School Change and Reform Fall
EDUC 576: Personnel Development Summer
EDUC 577: School Finance Summer
EDUC 578: School Law Summer
EDUC 582: Instructional Leadership I Fall
EDUC 583: Instructional Leadership II Spring
EDUC 584: Schools and Districts as Learning Organizations Summer
EDUC 588: Leadership in Higher Education Summer, Fall, Spring, J-Term
EDUC 590: Culminating Seminar Summer
EDUC 593: Culminating Professional Portfolio Summer, Fall, Spring
EDUC 595: Internship in Educational Administration Fall, Spring
EDUC 596: Graduate Seminar Fall, Spring
EDUC 597: Independent Study Summer, Fall, Spring, J-Term
EDUC 598: Studies in Education Summer, Fall, Spring, J-Term
EDUC 599: Thesis Summer, Fall, Spring, J-Term
SPED 190: Inquiry Seminar Fall, Spring
SPED 195: Individuals with Disabilities J-Term
SPED 315: Assessment and Evaluation in Special Education Fall
SPED 322: Moderate Disabilities and Transitions Summer
SPED 399: Practicum in Special Education Fall, Spring
SPED 404: Communication and Collaboration J-Term
SPED 424: Learners with Special Needs in the Gen. Ed. Classroom Spring
SPED 430: Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities Fall
SPED 442: Technology in Special Education J-Term
SPED 450: Early Childhood Special Education J-Term
SPED 454: Students with Physical Challenges and the Medically Fragile J-Term
SPED 459: Student Teachin in Special Education Fall, Spring
SPED 460: Special Education Student Teaching Seminar Fall, Spring
SPED 497: Independent Study Summer, Fall, J-Term, Spring
SPED 520: Teaching Students with Special Needs in Elementary Programs Fall
SPED 530: Assessment of Students with Special Needs Various
SPED 531: Severe and Profound Disabilities J-Term
SPED 577: The Inclusive Classroom Summer, J-Term
EPSY 368: Educational Psychology Summer, Spring
EPSY 540X: Demonstrating Teacher Competency and Student Achievement Summer
EPSY 541A/B: Assessing Student and Staff Instructional Needs Fall/Spring
EPSY 542: Group Dynamics and Instructional Leadership J-Term
EPSY 566: Advanced Cognition, Development, and Learning Summer
EPSY 583: Current Issues in Exceptionality Summer
EPSY 597: Independent Study