Master of Arts in Education in Instructional Leadership

The MAE in Instructional Leadership Program prepares accomplished teachers to become instructional facilitators, mentors and coaches in their schools and districts. The program prepares teacher leaders to assist other teachers to collect and analyze evidence of student learning, to provide passionate, informed and ethical leadership at the school, district and state levels, to foster professional learning communities, and to build meaningful and engaging partnerships with families and community stakeholders.

To be accepted into the program candidates must possess a Washington State Professional Teaching Certificate or its equivalent-Washington State Continuing Certificate or National Board Certification.


We are not currently accepting applications for this program.

Master of Arts in Education in Instructional Leadership Curriculum

Summer Session:
For teachers who do not hold a professional certificate:
EDUC 580, Instructional Theory and Practice I: Culture, Context and Community (4)
EDUC 581, Instructional Theory and Practice II: Thinking, Doing and Knowing (4)
EPSY 540, Teacher Portfolio Assessment (2)

For teachers who have a professional certificate, up to 10 hours may be awarded:
EPSY 540X, Demonstrating Teacher Competency and Student Achievement (2-10)

Submit a portfolio for juried review. If the portfolio contents are determined to be at or beyond the Descriptions of Practice level, the candidate may be awarded up to 10 tuition-free credits to be applied toward the 32-credit program/degree.

Fall Semester:
EDUC 582, Instructional Leadership I: Standards Based Teaching, Learning and Assessment (4)
EPSY 541A, Assessing Student and Staff Instructional Needs (1)
EDUC 555A, Family and community Engagement (1)

J-Term Session:
EPSY 542, Group Dynamics and Instructional Leadership (2)

Spring Semester:
EDUC 583, Instructional Leadership II: Teaching Development and the School Improvement Process (4)
EPSY 541B, Assessing Student and Staff Instructional Needs (1)
EDUC 555B, Family and Community Engagement (1)

Summer Session:
EDUC 584, Schools and Districts as Learning Organizations (2)
EDUC 558, Reflective Seminar in Teacher Leadership (4)
EPSY 583, Current Issues in Exceptionality (2)

Total Instructional Leadership Credits (including Educational Leadership Core): 32