Department ofEnvironmental, Health, Safety & Emergency Programs


Report spills or releases of hazardous materials (chemical, biological, radiological) to Campus Safety at 253-535-7911. Also, advise the supervisor of the department. Be prepared to tell Campus Safety:

  • Whether anyone is injured or at risk of being injured
  • Whether the spill is controlled (e.g. Is it on fire or still spilling?)
  • The location of the spill
  • The name of the material
  • How much has been released


Evacuate and limit access to the affected release area to prevent further contamination of others. Move to a safe area outside that is crosswind or upwind  or to another area inside that is on a separate ventilation system to avoid exposure to fumes.


If a hazardous material is spilled or splashed on a person, immediately wash the material from the victim and remove any contaminated clothing. Eyes, if contaminated, should be flushed immediately with water. Use the emergency showers and eyewash stations located in hazardous material areas.

Persons who are potentially exposed to a spill or release should report to emergency personnel at the site and give name, phone number, and address.


Be prepared to give emergency responders the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the released material and to stand by for further instructions. You may be asked to join the incident command as a technical specialist.