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Volunteer at PLU

Search and Rescue

PLU employee volunteers from all over campus, including areas as different as Athletics, the Library, MESA, and Art have joined together to form the PLU disaster search and rescue team. The purpose of the team is to carry out limited search and rescue duties when professional responders are unable to help, such as in after a major earthquake. Members meet periodically for training and exercises, which facilitates simply getting to know each other. To learn more click here

Interested employees should contact Jennifer at 538-6042 or

Amateur Radio (hams)

PLU has a multi-purpose ham radio station which can be used by a student amateur club and during an emergency when telephones and computers are partially or completely inoperable. For instance, PLU could radio to the Pierce County Dept. of Emergency Management that we need food or medical assistance.

The organizing body meets periodically to develop policies, procedures, and training opportunities. Members of the volunteer group participate in exercises and practice using the equipment.

Students and employees who are interested in participating should contact Doug Oakman at 7317 or

Citizen Corps

What is Citizen Corps?

Citizen Corps is a volunteer organization designed to train community members in preparedness and response so that they will be able to respond effectively to a disaster in their area.

How to Get Involved

Contact us here at Emergency Programs and we will send you the necessary forms.

If you're interested in volunteering, let us know below!

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