Environmental Studies

Course Descriptions  for Enviromental Studies Program

104 Conservation of Natural Resources 
Principles and problems of public and private stewardship with specific reference to the Pacific Northwest. (Cross-referenced with Geosciences 104). (4) 

350 Environmental Methods of Investigation
Study of a watershed using and integrating techniques and principles of environmental sciences, political science, economics, and ethics. Includes laboratory. Prerequisites: Lines #1-3 completed or consent of instructor. (4) 

487 Special Topics in Environmental Studies 
Selected topics as announced by the program. Course will address current interdisciplinary issues in environmental studies. (1-4) 

495 Internship in Environmental Studies 
An internship with a private or public sector agency, organization or company involved in environmental issues. By consent of the Chair of Environmental Studies only. (4) 

499 Capstone Project 
An interdisciplinary research project of the student's design that incorporates materials and methods from earlier courses and has a focus reflecting the specific interest of the student. A substantial project and a public presentation of the results are required. Prerequisite: ENVT 350. (4) 

491 Independent Study 
Opportunity to focus on specific topics or issues in environmental studies under the supervision of a faculty member. (1-4) 

The descriptions for the other courses which satisfy the major or minor can be found in the listing of the appropriate department, program, or school.