Environmental Studies

Watershed Stakeholders and Goals

The students identified the stakeholders in the watershed. From documents produced by each of the stakeholders, goals for the watershed were identified. The stakeholders and their goals are:

Pierce County

  • Encourage urban area development
  • Reduce sprawl
  • Encourage economic development
  • Encourage retention of open space and recreational opportunities
  • Protect the environment

City of Lakewood

  • Connectivity and movement
  • Urban ecology is important
  • New development must contribute
  • City must contribute infrastructure

McChord Air Force Base

  • Protect public health and preserve environmental quality

Chamber-Clover Watershed Management Committee

  • Identify, correct and prevent nonpoint pollution and protect beneficial uses of water

Clover Creek Council

  • Restore and preserve Clover Creek and other natural systems in the watershed


The results for the Clover Creek watershed indicator study:

2007 Study

2006 Study

2005 Study

2004 Study

2003 Study

2002 Study

2001 Study

2000 Study