Explore 2015
an off-campus retreat that offers first-year students a chance to discuss their journeys at PLU and beyond.
Students attending EXPLORE! will gain tools to think about their vocation and will have the space and time for reflection.

In one word, "vocation" means "a calling." While a career is about your professional development, vocation has a broader scope and addresses your purpose in life. Your career might be one expression of your vocation but each student's journey is unique. Being a teacher, a social activist, a community organizer, or a student can all be examples of vocation.

Wild Hope

Vocational exploration was at the root of PLU's mission upon its founding in 1890. Ever since then, the university has continued to honor its Lutheran heritage by supporting students as they seek meaning and purpose—in their learning, in their work, and in their lives.

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big enough questions

One of the concepts you will address at EXPLORE! is the idea of "Big Enough Questions." They are often personal and can vary widely from one person to another. They challenge you to think about what you want to ask yourself about the big picture of your life.

This questioning and self-exploration can take a long time, but the important thing is to begin and continue the journey. Having "the answer" to these questions is not important, because as you go through life, your question can be answered in different ways.


Laree Winer

Audrey Deiss