Facilities Management

Project Management & Planning

This page is the home for project and move requests for PLU.  Using the links at the left, you can learn about the guidelines for moving and submit your own request to move.  A PLU ePass is required to submit a move form, but then all the information you need is there.  Also there are tips about "how" to move and some reminders for after the move. 


Requesting A Move

  • All move scheduling, including computer and telephone moves related to a project or office move, is coordinated and submitted through Projects @ PLU.
  • Moves which require more than one person, more than one department (Facilities Management, Information Resources, Contractors) need to allow for:
  1. A pre-project inspection by the affected department
  2. Scheduling of available personnel
  3. Scheduling of equipment
  4. Bid process
  • PLU does not have temporary storage facilities available for non-SurPLUs furniture and equipment.

  • Moves are prioritized based on issues of health & safety, coordination with construction, and avoiding conflicts with instructional and other scheduled space use.  Adjustments are made as necessary due to weather and other unforeseen conflicts (e.g. construction or material delays).
  • ALL move requests must be submitted no later than 2 weeks in advance of the earliest possible move date.  Summer moves must be requested no later than May 20, 2005.
  • Each individual move requires a separate request.

  • Initial move date will be provided upon receipt and review of the request.  Updated move dates will be provided, if necessary, due to any scheduling conflicts.

How to Move

Tips and Tricks for Moving

  • Label, label, label!!!  All items including furniture, office equipment and boxes must be labeled with owner, source and destination rooms.

  • All file cabinets, drawers, and bookcases are to be empty prior to moving.

  • Moving is always an opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle.  Large recycling totes are available for paper, books, plastics and any other recyclable materials.  Information is available from Environmental Services about What to Recycle.  Requests can be made for totes on the PLU Common Move Form.

  • All items that are for SurPLUs should be labeled as such and should be ready for removal on the date of the move.  Please follow the Surplus Disposal Policy for all equipment and furniture disposal.

  • All books, papers, brochures, pamphlets, etc are to be packed in boxes weighing no more than 50 pounds (example: a case of printer paper).  Boxes must be of a size and weight that can be handled safely by one person.  Boxes must also be strong enough to hold the contents.

  • A limited number of boxes are available through Facilities Management.  Requests for boxes can be made on the PLU Common Move Form.

  • An authorized representative of your department is to be present during the move, to give direction and clarification as to final destination.

Don't Forget

...after the Move

  • Remember to contact Human Resources to update any phone number or location changes.

  • Notify Mail Services of your new office location to ensure proper and timely delivery of mail and packages.

  • Inform the Campus Concierge of any changes in contact information.

  • Did you return your old keys to Facilities Management?