Division of Finance and Administration


PLU Wellness Access Plan

Where do I go to find information on the PLU Wellness Access Plan?

Information about the PLU Wellness Access Plan can be found on the Health Center web page at:


Who do I contact regarding referrals or claim processing?

Claims instructions and forms are available at the PLU Health Center and online.

Auto Insurance

Who do I contact if I am involved in an automobile accident while driving a PLU or rental vehicle on PLU business?

Always call police to the scene of the accident.
Get the other driver’s full name, driver’s license number, personal phone and address and insurance company contact information.
Provide the other driver with PLU’s address: Finance & Operations Office, Tacoma, WA 98447, phone: 253-535-7121 and insurance company information: Travelers 1-800-832-7839, policy number TJ-CAP-7438L10-9-TIL-11
Contact Campus Safety to report the accident, 253-535-7441. Notify your department and the office of Finance & Operations