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Due to changes in health insurance requirements mandated by the federal Healthcare Reform bill, Pacific Lutheran University has changed its policy on international student health insurance waivers for Academic Year 2014-2015. All international students will be required to purchase PLU’s international student health insurance coverage. The university will not allow students to waive this coverage any more. Please disregard the insurance waiver that was included with your financial aid package. PLU was notified of the change in requirements after the packets were mailed out. We are sorry for any confusion this may cause.

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If you have questions about PLU's international student health insurance program please contact the Risk Manager at 253-535-7116.

PLU Health Center

All PLU students are eligible for the services provided by PLU's Health Center. Click here for more information.

Wellness Access

PLU Wellness Access Plan

Cost and Billing

PLU will register students in the PLU International Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan made available through International Health Consortium. The fee will be charged to the student account. Highlights of the coverage will be posted on the Finance and Operations website. The cost of the plan is dependent on age. The table below lists the coverage costs based on age and length of enrollment.

Full Academic Year (8/15/14 – 8/14/15)


24 & Under


25-30 years


31-40 years





Fall Only  (8/15/14 – 1/14/2015)


24 & Under


25-30 years


31-40 years





Spring & Summer (1/15/15 – 8/14/15)


24 & Under


25-30 years


31-40 years




Care and Coverage

The primary care provider will be the PLU Health Center. A referral is required for payment of outpatient benefits. When the Health Center is not open or the student is away from campus, during summer for example, the insured student may submit a claim form directly to the insurance company for reimbursement of covered medical expenses obtained through his or her local medical clinic, emergency room, or physician according to benefits schedule.

The insurance coverage period for students enrolling for the full academic year is August 15, 2014 to August 14, 2015. Coverage periods for students enrolling for the Fall only or for Spring only are listed above. International students who plan to travel in the U.S. prior to the coverage start date or after the end date should purchase travel insurance to cover any incidents that may occur during those time periods.

An accident or injury must be treated within 90-days. Claims will be accepted up to 180-days following accident, illness, or injury. Instructions for claiming reimbursement of your medical expenses is online at the EIIA Student Program Website.

The plan details and claims instructions are online at EIIA Student Program Website

*This is a non-binding and incomplete summary of this insurance program and benefits.