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Budget Deficits Threaten Federal & State Student Financial Aid Programs

In response to the state's projected ongoing revenue shortfall, the Washington State Legislature is in another special session, beginning March 12.  To date, the Washington State Need Grant is not targeted for cuts in the Senate budget proposal, while the house budget includes a $10 million cut that primarily impacts students at private schools like PLU.  The State Work Study program is currently being funded at its current 2011-12 funding level.

The state's modest investment of less than two percent of the higher education budget in need-based student financial assistance makes it possible for independent colleges to serve 14,500 Washington undergraduates across the state.  Helping students attend an independent college like PLU is the least expensive way the state can provide students with an opportunity to access higher education in Washington.

PLU students unite!  Send a loud and strong message to the Washington Legislature to support student financial aid.  Keep access to higher education available to all Washington residents, regardless of income.  You CAN make a difference!  Contact your legislative representative by using the Legislative Action Center.  Time is short and your immediate response is critical!

The Cost of a Federal Subsidized Direct Loan for Undergraduate Students to Increase 

Now that the Congressional "Super-committee" has failed to come up with recommendations to cut $1.2 trillion from the federal budget deficit over the next decade, that work falls to members of Congress.  All federal student aid programs remain subject to potential reduction, elimination, or changes that will transfer the cost of the program to students.   Graduate students have already lost their Subsidized Direct Loan program for the 2012-13 academic year (instead of accruing interest at repayment, interest accrual begins when the loan is disbursed).  The loan subsidy for undergraduate students has also been eliminated for the six month grace period after students leave school and prior to beginning their loan repayment.  The interest rate on the subsidized Direct Loan is also currently scheduled to increase from 3.4% to 6.8%.  These latter two changes apply to loans borrowed in the 2012-13 academic year and subsequent academic years. 

Act Now to Prevent Further Cuts to the Federal Student Aid programs

Make your voice heard now. Tell your elected representatives that they must Save Student Aid. Here are ways you can help:

1) Write to your elected officials and tell your story:

Write to your Senator and let them know how important Pell Grant & SEOG funding is to you. Your voice does matter and makes a difference.

Click HERE to find out how to contact your Congress representatives.

2) Join the Save Student Aid Facebook campaign

Join our national Save Student Aid Facebook Campaign. Together we can make a difference. Here are ways you can help:

  • Add yourself to the list of students signing the Statement of Support
  • ‘Like’ the page
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  • Tell us your story in the Discussion section
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