Financial Aid

Congratulations on completing your degree program at Pacific Lutheran University!  As you exit PLU and move on to graduate school or to the world of work, please note that borrowers of federal student loan programs will need to be in contact with their lenders during your loan’s grace period (the time between leaving school and entering repayment).  The grace period for the Federal Stafford/Direct Loan is six months, while the grace period for the Federal Perkins and Nursing Loans is nine months.

You should have already received an email from the Financial Aid Office, advising you to complete the Exit Interview process for these loan programs.  If you no longer have this email for reference, you can complete your Perkins or Nursing Loan exit interview at, while the exit interview for the Federal Stafford/Direct or Grad PLUS loans can be completed at  The exit interview will provide you with the rights and responsibilities that you need to be aware of as you enter repayment.  Be sure that your lender has your current address so you can begin your loan repayment on-schedule and in good standing.

Many of you will have borrowed your Federal Stafford Loan from a lender that has sold some or all of your loan portfolio to the U.S. Department of Education  If your loans are simultaneously being held and serviced by your lender and the Dept of Education, you may want to consider consolidating your loans in to a single Federal Direct Consolidation loan.  For information on the reasons for and against loan consolidation and to apply for this option, go to

Federal Stafford/Direct Student Loan Servicers

The following companies are contracted by the US Dept of Education to service federal Stafford/Direct student loans.  One or more of these companies will be in contact with you as you enter repayment. To find out which company is servicing your student loans, go to  You WANT to be talking to these folks if you are having trouble making your loan payments.  They want to help keep your loans current and in good standing.  Talking to your loan servicer might prevent hearing from the US Department of Education’s Debt Collection Service.

FedLoan Servicing – PHEAA

Great Lakes Higher Education Corp.



Direct Loan Servicing Center-ACS

Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority – MOHELA