Globalization and Trade

Trade and political alliances have linked countries and cultures for centuries. In today’s increasingly integrated world understanding the interplay of culture, politics, and economics is vital for business, governments, and organizations. Within the vast and complex global marketplace, companies from international corporations to small businesses must respond to issues of changing cultural values and meaning in trade and the interplay of political and economic systems. Studying these issues leads to an understanding of the problems with cultural homogenization and shifting social pressures that arise as a result of globalization, as well as technical aspects of the international economic system and international business practices.

Approved Courses

BUSA 190/201 — Value Creation in the Global Environment (4)
BUSA 201 — Introduction to Business in the Global Environment (4)
BUSA 352 — Global Management (3)
BUSA 460 — International Marketing (3)
COMA 393 — Communication Abroad: Studies in Culture (4)
ECON 331 — International Economics (4)
POLS 347 — Political Economy (4)
POLS 381 — Comparative Legal Systems (4)
POLS 383 — Modern European Politics (4)

*Students may petition the Chair of Global Studies for the inclusion of courses that meet issue concentration requirements but that are not taught regularly enough to be listed here.