Google Apps for Education @ PLU
About Google Apps

Google Apps for EducationGoogle Apps for Education

Google Apps is a package of online applications that makes communicating and collaborating at PLU easier and more efficient. The cornerstone of Google Apps is Gmail, Google’s web-based email program, which integrates with Google Docs, for creating and sharing documents, and Google Calendar, for coordinating schedules. All of these services are hosted online, so email, documents, and calendars are always accessible from any computer, anywhere.


Gmail logo

Get organized. Use labels and filters to help you organize your email and manage the flow of incoming messages. You can automatically label, archive, delete, star, or forward your mail—all based on a combination of keywords, sender, recipients, and more.
Consolidate your email. Get mail from other email accounts in your Gmail inbox and send messages from different addresses. By adjusting your Settings, you can either forward mail from other accounts, or set up Gmail to fetch your mail.
Go invisible. Avoid unwanted chats by setting your status to “Invisible” so you appear offline, but can still send and receive messages.
Reply by chat. Instead of emailing back and forth, try replying by chat. Gmail automatically saves your conversations, so you can always revisit them just like email messages.


Google Calendar

Stay on schedule.

Set up reminders for your due dates, meetings, and other important events.
You can have notifications pop up in your calendar or sent to you as emails
or text messages.

Don’t miss a class
(or your favorite show).

Keep up with your classes and favorite sports teams or TV shows
by adding their schedules to your calendar.

Find out if your friends
are free.
View multiple calendars at the same time in different customizable colors to
quickly see when everyone’s available.
Get your calendar
on the go.
View Google Calendar on your mobile phone wherever you are, and set up
text message event reminders so you always know where to be.


Google Docs

Find out what your
friends are thinking.
Create a free online survey in minutes. Write down your questions, create
a form, and email it to your friends. See their responses in your very own
online spreadsheet.
Get along with
your new roomie.
Adjusting to dorm or apartment life with a new roommate? Create a
spreadsheet in Google Docs to keep track of shared expenses or trash duties.
Work in groups (without
meeting in person).
Create a presentation and add collaborators who can edit the same document.
You can always go back to a previous version, and coordinating work is easy
since you can see exactly who’s adding what, right as they work.
Collaborate on class
notes with a friend.
Create a Google Doc for your class notes and collaborate with your classmates.


Google Sites

Ace your team project. Create a site to work together on a class project. Keep all your files and
research in one place, edit shared documents, and track progress.
Lead a cause. From helping out in the community to playing a role in world peace, you’ll
want to have a site to communicate your mission, organize activities, and
bring together others who share your vision.
Share the memories. Let all the members of your team or group easily share stories, pictures,
and videos in a secure place online. You decide whether you keep your site
private within your group or allow others to view it.
Make it easier
to get together.
Make staying up to date on social events easy for everyone (everyone
you want to know, that is). Post dates, times, and details that only your
group can see.


Google Talk

Chat together. Invite multiple friends to a single chat by clicking “Options” in the chat
window and then “Group chat”.
Share files instantly. Send any size file directly to a friend while chatting. Great for sharing videos
or presentations that might be too large to send via email.
Call friends for free. Make free voice calls over the Internet from your computer to a friend’s,
and even leave a voicemail that will go directly to their Gmail inbox if they
aren’t available.
Chat on the go. See when your friends are online and send instant messages from anywhere
by visiting from a web enabled cell phone.