Google Apps for Education @ PLU

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Google Calendar:

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PLU Email Client Settings (Thunderbird, Outlook, Mobile Devices, etc.)

IMAP users should point to
User Name:
Port: 993
Secure Connection: SSL
*disable* secure authentication

POP users should point to

SMTP server:
User Name:
Port: 465
Secure Connection: SSL
*disable* secure authentication

SSL encryption is required, and needs to specified as such.  The option Thunderbird calls "Use Secure Authentication" is no longer supported and should not be enabled.  

Usernames *in email clients only* need to contain "".  So instead of "myepass" you now must enter "" as your username in Thunderbird.  Again, this is only for email clients that connect via POP or IMAP.  

For detailed instructions for changing your Thunderbird settings, see the quick-start:

Setting Up IMAP for the iPhone

Instructions for setting up the iPhone for IMAP to Google Apps are available at Just a few key notes specific to PLU:

  1. Make sure your PLU Gmail account is enabled for IMAP. The default setting for your PLU Gmail account is having it disabled. To enable it, go to Settings and the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Under IMAP Access, check Enable IMAP.
  2. Be sure to use your Google Apps email address (e.g. where noted.

For more more tips about setting up your iPhone, see: