Google Apps for Education @ PLU
Why Use Gmail Instead of Thunderbird?

We recommend you use the web-based Gmail for full functionality and integration with other Google Tools like Calendar. Gmail includes cross-links in messages with Google Calendar and Google Talk.

However, if you choose to continue using Thunderbird, you'll need to make some key IMAP/POP settings changes before you can access your Gmail account through Thunderbird:

  • IMAP users should point to
  • POP users should point to
  • SSL encryption is required, and needs to specified as such.  The option Thunderbird calls "Use Secure Authentication" is no longer supported and should not be enabled.  
  • Usernames *in email clients only* need to contain "".  So instead of "myepass" I now must enter "" as my username in Thunderbird.  Again, this is only for email clients that connect via POP or IMAP.
For detailed instructions see the quick-start: