Green Dot Campaign

At Pacific Lutheran University

So... What's With the Green Dot?

A GREEN DOT is any behavior, choice, word, or attitude that counters or displaces a red dot of violence by promoting safety for everyone and communicating utter intolerance for sexual violence, interpersonal violence, stalking and child abuse.

Be the Green Dot...

Mathematically, logically – there is no reason that rates of power-based personal violence should remain so high in Washington. Non-violent men and women outnumber violent ones by a vast margin. The only difference between those who commit violence and generate red dots on our map, and those who are non-violent – is that those who are violent are active every day – and the majority of those who are non-violent remain passive. This inaction allows the red dots to outpace and outnumber the green dots, sustaining rates of violence in Washington like 1 in 3. The beauty of Green Dot is that inaction can turn to action today. While no one has to do everything - everyone has to do something. One green dot at a time, we will outpace, outmatch, and outnumber red dots of violence until we reclaim the freedom from violence that every individual is entitled to. Check out the green dots below and decide what you will do today to end violence. Just one green dot…

Green Dot Examples

PLU GREEN DOT is about individual choices culminating in a broad cultural change that will result in a reduction of violence throughout the University and Washington. Part of building momentum and a sense of common purpose is getting to see the GREEN DOTS that are being done across the community. Take a moment to send us your green dot that we can post on this site. Whether it is as simple as a conversation with a colleague or family member – or as extensive as a new organization wide policy change – let your green dot inspire others!