Green Dot Campaign

At Pacific Lutheran University

Verizon Logo

Verizon Foundation:

      The Verizon Foundation's goal is "utilizing our technology, financial resources, employees and partnerships to solve critical social issues, focusing on the use of technology in education and domestic violence prevention."


       "In 2009, the Verizon Foundation [had] distributed approximately $68 million nationwide to support technology, literacy, and domestic violence solutions programs. Each year, the Verizon Foundation receives more than 60,000 grant requests from nonprofits and provides funding to less than half of these organizations. The Foundation is one of the country's largest corporate philanthropic contributors."


Verizon Grant:

       Pacific Lutheran University's Green Dot program was generously rewarded with a $7500 dollar grant from the Verizon Foundation. The grant helps to provide important resources to the Green Dot program.

       The grant's funds support increased training and education activities, essential public awareness materials and promotional items to increase program's visibility and effectiveness. Additionally, grant funding will provide a small stipend to support a student intern to coordinate work on the project throughout the fall.