Health Sciences

Useful Links and Advice is the Association of American Medical Colleges, which gives all kinds of information for applicants and advisors.

The Student Doctor Network is a nonprofit educational organization that offers links to personal accounts and general application info that is useful to premedical students, predental students, and students interested in other health science careers. Its resources include students’ descriptions of their actual interviews, searchable by school.

The UW ethics in medicine page will assist you in understanding the legal obligations that physicians face. Such bioethics questions often are asked in interviews. The topics even have several cases to test your knowledge.

The UW Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP) is a free summer program, offered at UW and other campuses around the country, for students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds, who are considering medical or dental careers.

The mentorship program run by the Washington Academy of Family Physicians matches pre-med students and mentors together: contains a summary profile for each and every PA program in the country so that users may easily compare one program with another. The site is designed to help streamline the PA program research process for prospective students and provide information for questions they may have about entrance requirements, tuition expenses, degrees awarded, program matriculation, etc.

Here’s some sound advice from a fellow Lute, a UW medical school graduate:

Visit the American Medical Association and spend some time in the future months/years reading through policy, ethical, medical, and political issues from the AMA. You can subscribe to the online version of AMNEWS. I would HIGHLY recommend that you spend time each week reviewing the latest.

Finally I might recommend subscribing to an email list for a medical journal (e.g., JAMA, NEJM, Nature Med, Lancet). I subscribed (free) to three of them and found it very helpful to just read the table of contents, and an occasional abstract.