Health Sciences Committee

Forms you will need

These forms are in Portable Document Format (pdf files), which should be completed electronically (either online or offline) and then printed. You may download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for these files. See the FAQ for tips on completing the forms electronically using Acrobat Reader.

Biographical Information Form

Click here to download the form which is your authorization for the Health Sciences Committee to write you a letter of recommendation. In order to give the committee enough time to do its best work, please submit this completed form to the HSC coordinator by the beginning of the summer (or as soon as possible).

Request for Recommendation Letters

Click here to download the request/waiver form that you provide to each person from whom you are requesting a letter of recommendation. Typically, letter writers are faculty, work supervisors, and professionals in your intended field that know you well. Signed and dated letters, using stationery with a personal or professional letterhead, are to be mailed directly to the HSC by the letter-writer. Do not include any with your application materials.

By mid-June, please request letters from your recommenders, and mention to each recommender that the letter needs to be mailed and received by the HSC preferably by mid-summer, or early September at the very latest. Even if you are taking a summer course, performing a job-shadow, or holding a summer internship or research position with a potential recommender, it will be helpful for her/him to know early that you are requesting a letter, and it will expedite the HSC's work on your behalf if their letter is received by mid-summer or early September.

Summary of Admission Requirements

Click here to download a convenient one-page summary of guidelines to prerequisites for various health profession graduate schools.