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Sage Disk Quota Information

Sage Disk Quota Information

SAGE, is a server that is now used primarily for individual and group web pages. These web pages and files can be managed via the uedit content management tool or by logging into the server via secure ftp (sftp).

As of January 2010 ePass owners now have up to 150MB of disk space on SAGE. If you need to request additional space, please send your request to with a detailed reasoning for the increase.

What happens if you go over your quota?

If you go over your quota, you have 3 days before you'll get a warning.  If you reduce usage before that time, you won't get a warning at all.  On the 3rd, 4th, and 5th days of being over, you will receive an e-mail warning telling you that you are over and how to reduce your disk usage.  If you reduce your usage in this time period, you will receive an e-mail telling you that you are no longer over quota.

If you receive an e-mail saying you are over your disk quota, please connect to the server and remove any unecessary files.  If you continue to have problems, contact the help desk at 253-535-7525 or send email to