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Voice Mail at PLU

Voice Mail at PLU

Setting Up Your New Voice Mailbox

To access your voice mailbox:

From your on-campus phone: Ext. 5000
From off-campus:  253-536-5000
From another phone on campus: Ext. 5000, *, #

After you hear the main greeting, follow the prompts to enter your mailbox number (your extension) and your security code.  The temporary security code is 0000.

When you access your mailbox for the first time, a user tutorial is automatically activated.  

The tutorial will ask you to do 3 things:

  1. Set your own security code.  Do NOT use the temporary security code as your new security code.
  2. Record your Name
  3. Record your Greeting.

Reference Guide

Download the Reference Guide

This guide includes:

  • Basic telephone functions
    Voice Mail Quick Guide found on bottom of page 2 provides shortcut settings
  • Voice mail access, including shortcuts
  • Voice mail navigation map