Department ofHistory

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The Tenth Annual Benson Lecture

Location: Anderson University Center: 101 (Scandinavian Cultural Center),Anderson University Center SCC Meeting Room

The Package and Its Pleasures: How American Business and Technology Shaped Consumer Desire In this illustrated talk, Professor Gary Cross offers...

Tall Ships and Tugboats on Puget Sound

Location: Garfield Book Company Community Room

A Brief History by Chuck Fowler Through colorful sea stories (most of them true) and many rare photos and illustrations, maritime historian and...

Holocaust Studies Film Night

Location: Anderson University Center: 203 (Regency Room),Anderson University Center: North Lobby

The U.S. Army in Early Washington

Location: Garfield Book Company Community Room

Alan Archambault, will discuss the role of the U.S. Army in the exploration, settlement and defense of the early Oregon/Washington Territory from...