Department ofHistory

E. Wayne Carp's recently completed book, Jean Paton and the Struggle to Reform American Adoption will be published by the University of Michigan in the Fall 2013. Several chapters from the book have recently been published including, "The Evolution of a Reformer: Jean Paton and the Early Decades of Sealed-Adoption Records, 1949-1980," in Adoption & Culture, 3 (2012): 33-62 and "The Atheist and the Christian: Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Jean Paton, and the Stigma of the 1950s," in The Journal of the Historical Society 12:2 (2012): 205-227. A third article, "Jean Paton, Christian Adoption, and Reunification of Families" was published in the Journal of Christian Legal Thought, 2:1 (spring 2012): 1-22 and can be read online at  Professor Carp was recently selected by the Organization of American Historians as Chair of the 2013 Curti Prize Committee (The Merle Curti Prize is awarded annually by the Organization of American Historians, the most prestigious and influential US historical organization, for the best book in American social and/or intellectual history).

 Robert Ericksen has completed a book manuscript under the title, German Churches, German Universities and the Holocaust: The Question of Complicity.  This book, based on the Kaplan Holocaust Lectures he delivered at Cape Town University in 2004, has been accepted by Cambridge University Press, with publication expected in late 2011. He also has a contract with Cambridge University Press to complete a book entitled, Churches in Nazi Germany.  He expects to finish by next fall and the book will appear in 2012 in the Short History Series published by Cambridge . In Nov. 2010 Ericksen organized a panel session for the Lessons & Legacies Biennial Holocaust Conference in Boca Raton, FL under the title, "German Protestants and Jews." He gave a paper on "Cioma Schoenhaus and the Kaufmann Circle: Forged ID and the Confessing Church." He also gave a paper in November at a conference sponsored by the University of Chichester and Chichester Cathedral in England. The conference was on "Churches and Intellectual Freedom" and his paper dealt with "Emanuel Hirsch, Intellectual Freedom, and the Turn Toward Hitler." This paper will be published in the Spring 2011 edition of a German journal, Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte. Other recent publications by Ericksen include, "Parsing Science and Prejudice: Susannah Heschel on the 'Aryan Jesus' in Germany," The Review of Rabbinic Judaism, 13/1 (2010); and the chapter on Protestants in John Roth and Peter Hayers, ed., The Oxford Handbook on Holocaust Education (Oxford, 2010).

Michael Halvorson’s newest book is a fast-paced introduction to the Renaissance in Europe, c. 1350-1600, entitled The Renaissance: All That Matters. The book is designed for undergraduate students and the general public, and it will be published in August, 2014, by Hodder and Stoughton (UK) and McGraw-Hill (USA).  In 2010, Halvorson also published a biographical study of a German Lutheran pastor during the late Reformation entitled Heinrich Heshusius and Confessional Polemic in Early Lutheran Orthodoxy (Ashgate).

Halvorson is currently working on the subject of Lutheran drama and commemoration in late Reformation Germany.  He is also a contributor to Dictionary of Luther and the Lutheran Traditions, a new reference work commissioned by Baker Academic Publishing House and led by general editor Timothy J. Wengert.

Recent publications by Beth Kraig include articles on Grace Jones and Cynthia McKinney in the African American National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2008 and available through Oxford's online African American Studies Center.  Recent journal articles include "Are We There Yet, Driver? Searching for the Automotive Human,"  Midwest Quarterly 48 (2007), and "It's About Time Somebody Out Here Wrote the Truth: Betty Bard MacDonald and North/Western Regionalism," Western American Literature 40 and "The Unquiet Death of Guglielmo Olivotto," Peace & Change 30 (2005).

The History department is pleased to announce the publication of a new book by Professor Emeritus Phil Nordquist entitled Inquiry, Service, Leadership, and Care: Pacific Lutheran University, 1988-2008 (PLU Press, 2008, ISBN 978-0-87362-971-3).  This is Professor Nordquist's second volume devoted to PLU's history as an educational institution (founded in 1890); the new volume chronicles influential faculty, institutional commitments and struggles, and PLU's emerging global focus.  Copies can be purchased at the Garfield Book Company at PLU.

Neal Sobania was on leave for the 2012-13 academic year, which included spending the fall in Ethiopia, where he completed the research and wrote draft chapters for a book on the place of contemporary Ethiopian church painters and painting.  Paintings cover the walls of Ethiopian churches from floor to ceiling and have played a vital role in the teaching and sustaining of the faith in this country that has been Christian since the 4th century.  An article related to this research appeared in "Icons of Devotion/'Icons of Trade: Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Contemporary 'Traditional' Ethiopian Painting," with Raymond Silverman, African Arts 42 (1) Spring 2009: 26-37. Sobania expects the manuscript to be completed by the beginning of fall term 2013.  Other research and publications on Ethiopia include an ethno-historical study of silver and goldsmiths.  His next project focuses on paintings found in Ethiopian and Eritrean diaspora churches, including churches in the Northwest.  As a scholar of Kenya, Sobania's research and publications--based on the on the extensive collection of oral traditions and remembrances--focus on ethinic identity and formation of pastoralist societies in pre-colonial nothern Kenya and southern Ethiopia. His publications on this present the history of these herding peoples frm the perspective of the rural areasup, rather than from the capitals of Nairobi and London down. His most recennt is "The Formation of Ethnic Identity in South Omo: The Dassanech."  The Journal of Eastern African Studies, Vol 5 (1) 2011: 195-210.  Other recent publications include entries in the Encyclopedia of National Dress, Vol 1, Greenwood Press, 2013; the Dictionary of African Biography, Oxford University Press, 2011; and in the New Encyclopedia of Africa, 2nd Edition, Gale Group, 2008.