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Host: Robert P. Ericksen, Kurt Mayer Chair in Holocaust Studies, PLU

March 17, 7 pm, Lagerquist Auditorium - Twelfth Annual Lemkin Lecture

THE LAST SURVIVOR, a documentary film.

This film will be introduced by its co-directors, Michael Pertnoy and Michael Kleiman. It focuses on survivors of four genocides-one from the Holocaust and one each from Rwanda, Darfur and the Congo. Discussion of the film will be led by Pertnoy, Kleiman, and the young survivor from the Congo, Justin Semahoro Kimenyerwa.

A noon session on documentary filmmaking will take place for interested students, faculty, and guests, led by Pertnoy, Kleiman, and Kimenyerwa. Please direct inquiries to Brenda Murray at 235-535-7595, or via email to Lemkin Lecture on will take place in Lagerquist Concert Hall.

March 18

These sessions, in cooperation with the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center (WSHERC), are intended for students, faculty, and the general public, as well as for public school teachers. Clock hours will be available for teachers through the WSHERC. Registration for the teaching programs is required. Please register here if you are an educator. All sessions will meet in the Scandinavian Cultural Center.

8:30-9:00 Registration and Refreshments

9:00-9:15 Welcome and introductions

9:15-9:30 Creating Change: Teaching about the Holocaust: Ilana Cone Kennedy, the director of education at the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center shares information about local resources for educators.

9:30-10:45 Remembering the Rwandan genocide: Carl Wilkens-A report, with photos, from the only American to stay in Rwanda throughout the genocide.

10:45-11:00 Break

11:00-12:15 Approaches to teaching the Holocaust: Approaches involving modern media and the Holocaust will be presented by Nick Coddington, an award-winning teacher, and students of his from Charles Wright Academy.

12:15-12:30  My Brush with History-a private memoir: Kurt Mayer, author, will talk about the latest developments with his memoir, "My Brush with History." A booksigning will follow.

12:30-1:15  Lunch break

1:15-2:45  Holocaust survivor speaker-Noemi Shoenberger Ban. Ban is a surivor of Auschwitz. She will share her personal experience.

2:45-3:00  Break

3:00-4:45  Conscience and rescue -This session will focus on the story of Le Chambon, a small town where French Huguenots, led by Pastor Andre Trocme, risked their own safety to rescue thousands of Jews.Patrick Henry will describe the rescue operation. Nelly Trocme Hewett, a teenager at the time, will speak about her personal experiences there.

4:45-7:00 Dinner Break

7:00-9:00  Raphael Lemkin Student Essay Contest Awards and Reception: Presentation by Patrick Henry and presentations of first and second place student award winners.

March 19

All sessions will meet in the Scandinavian Cultural Center.

9:00-9:30  Registration and Refreshments

9:30-10:30  Visual arts and the Holocaust: Speaker- Heather Mathews. A recognition of student award winners will be held, with a discussion on the visual arts of the Holocaust by Ms. Mathews called "Representations of the Past and Limits of Memory."

10:30-10:45  Break

10:45-12:15  Through the Eyes of a Friend: The World of Anne Frank:  A dramatic presentation by "Living Voices."

12:15-1:15   Lunch break

1:15-2:45  Poetry After Auschwitz?: Presentations by PLU professors, including Beth Kraig, Lisa Marcus, and Nick Barr Clingan, Rabbi Bruce Kadden, Alison Burchett '11, Amanda Davis '11, Nina Hartsel '13, Idaishe Zhou '11.

2:45-3:00 Break

3:00-4:40  Teaching the Holocaust and its results: A Panel of Teachers of the Holocaust at PNW Colleges and Universities.

  • "Explaining Evil: Cross Disciplinary Approaches to Teaching the Holocaust" Kevin Simpson, Joel Davis and Erika Doremus
  • "The Kindertransport" Laura Brade, PLU graduate and Ph.D. student under Christopher Browning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • "Broken and Silenced: The Suffering of Homosexuals in the Prisions and Concentration Camps of Nazi Germany" Scott Amundson, PLU, the 2010 Kurt Mayer Summer Fellow.


Pre-registration and further information about the speakers is available at the PLU website, Clock hours will be available for teachers through the Washington State Holocaust Resource Center. For further information, contact Brenda Murray at 253-535-7595 or, or Robert Ericksen at 253-535-7591 or