Department ofHistory

As noted in our mission statement, the department works to prepare its majors for a variety of careers and for active citizenship.  While we have a strong track record of major/graduates who move into graduate studies in History and earn M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, the department seeks to support individual students in their own development as they prepare for work or post-graduate study, so we try to support the student who is going into Americorps or entering a teacher-training program just as strongly as we support our majors who hope to succeed in graduate studies in history.  With this in mind, we have structured the requirements for the History major to provide engaged, dedicated students with a strong set of specific skills that are applicable to the career paths noted above and broadly useful in an even wider range of career paths than the ones identified in our mission statement.

Our goal is to see at least 90% of the students who pursue a History major complete our program with a GPA of 2.5 or better.  Beginning in 2009-2010 we will have a "continuation policy" that requires students to meet that GPA during the time that they pursue the major.