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Through the study of history at Pacific Lutheran University students gain an understanding and appreciation of the historical perspective.  Opportunities for developing analytical and interpretative skills are provided through research and writing projects, internships, class presentations, and study tours.  The practice of the historical method leads students off campus to their hometowns, to Europe, China or the American West, and to community institutions, both private and public.  The department emphasizes individual advising in relation to both self-directed studies and regular courses.  The university library holdings include significant collections in American, European, and non-Western history.  Career outlets for majors and minors are either direct or supportive in business law, teaching, public service, news media, and other occupations.

Bachelor of Arts Major: Minimum of 36 semester hours, including 4 hours-American field, 4 hours-European field, and 4 hours-non-Western field.  Students are expected to work closely with the department's faculty advisors to insure the most personalized programs and instruction possible.  Majors are urged to meet the foreign language requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences under either Option I or Option II.  Those majors who are preparing for public school teaching can meet the state history requirement by enrolling his History 460.  All majors are required to take 4 hours of historical methods and research and 4 hours of seminar credit.  Completion of the seminar course satisfies the core requirement for a senior seminar/project.  For the major at least 16 semester hours must be completed at PLU, including History 301 and 494 or 495 or 496.

Minor:  20 semester hours with a minimum of 12 hours from courses numbered above 300.  The minor in history emphasizes a program focus and a program plan, which is arranged by the student in consultation with a departmental advisor.  For the minor at least 12 semester hours must be completed at PLU, including 8 hours of upper-division courses.

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