Several MAJOR changes to HPRB procedures were made starting in 2009.  For all researchers, the application process is now ELECTRONIC.

Please read all instructions very carefully.  Pay attention to detail.  Proposals that do not follow instructions WILL BE DELAYED.

It takes time!

The review process can take up to six weeks from start to finish. Be sure to plan ahead.

The following steps will take you through the HPRB submission process.

  1. Review the HPRB Process Overview for students and faculty/staff/admin.
  2. Complete the Proposal Form.  This is a fillable Word form (you may need to enable macros in your Word software to use the form).  All forms must be typed and submitted electronically.  Be sure to check the box that indicates your signature.  For explanations of various fields in the proposal form, see Proposal Form Detailed Field Descriptions.
  3. If applicable, include an informed consent document.  Use this template if you are obtaining signed informed consent from your participants.  If possible, fit your form to one page.  If you are conducting an anonymous survey, you do not need signed informed consent.  Instead, use this template for a written cover letter.  Use this document Determining Informed Consent Procedure to decide which of these procedures is appropriate for your methodology.
  4. Prepare electronic versions of all additional materials, such as outside approvals, questionnaires, advertisements, debriefing forms.
  5. Students: submit your electronic proposal to your faculty sponsor.  They will review it and either (1) return it to you for revision or (2) indicate their approval by checking the appropriate box.  Once they approve your proposal, it is ready to be submitted.
  6. Submit an electronic copy of your complete proposal (form and all attachments) to HPRB (  Please save your files as Word 1997-2003 documents (.doc), not as Word for Vista (.docx).  You MUST use the following file naming conventions.  Proposals that are not named appropriately will be delayed.
  • Proposal form:  last name.doc (e.g., Jones.doc)
  • Informed Consent:  last name consent.doc (e.g., Jones consent.doc)
  • Data collection instrument:  last name instrument.doc (e.g., Jones instrument.doc)
  • Debriefing form:  last name debriefing.doc (e.g., Jones debriefing.doc)
  • You get the idea . . .