Division ofHumanities

Assistant Professor of Religion,
Augustana College

Eric Stewart '95
Major: religion

"As a college professor at a small, liberal arts college, my job is to help students turn their passions and interests into vocations that meet the needs of real human communities. Helping students identify the ways in which their particular strengths can enrich the lives of others is the most rewarding aspect of my job.

"At PLU, I was encouraged to ask big questions. The teachers I had there modeled for me a lifelong love of learning. Through participation in programs like Integrated Studies, I was able to see how disciplinary knowledge both helps and hinders understanding the complexity of the world around us.

Eric Stewart '95
"PLU instructors' willingness to teach in fields outside their immediate expertise gave me confidence to inquire broadly about answers to the major questions about the meaning of human life in community. "