Division ofHumanities

Masters of Media Philosophy, The European Graduate School
Masters of Art, The Pacific Northwest College of Art

Josh Hammerling '11
Major: German, English

"Having graduated from PLU in 2011. I have been living in Portland, Oregon, for the past few years, tutoring and working on a documentary about how the recent oil boom in Western North Dakota (my home state) has affected local communities. I am currently finishing a Masters of Media Philosophy at The European Graduate School, and will soon enter the Masters of Art program at The Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Josh Hammerling '11
"My experiences at PLU prepared me quite well for graduate school. That’s not to say that the process hasn’t been daunting and stressful at times, but I was ready for the challenges in part because the professors at PLU encouraged me to sharpen my critical acumen, not only so that I might become a better student, but also a better citizen of the world. The ability to continually develop and redevelop a discerning, critical stance is essential, regardless of one’s field. Teaching at the college level is my ultimate goal at this point."