Division ofHumanities

Peace Corps Youth Development Volunteer, Costa Rica

Allie Low '10
Major: religion

"As a Youth Development Volunteer, I work with schools, the Ministry of Health, and other local organizations to plan and implement projects focused on developing fundamental life skills in youth and on preventing school dropout, drug and alcohol use, and teenage pregnancy.

Allie Low '10

"The most important skills for my position are creative problem solving and resourcefulness, and the ability to adapt to new situations and environments.

"The challenges of working with young people and youth service providers in a developing country certainly keep you on your toes, but the rewards are profound and uniquely gratifying.

"There is no doubt that the holistic education provided by PLU and the Religion Department led me to where I am today—not only by preparing me intellectually to share my skills and talents with the world, but by inciting a global consciousness that encouraged me to use those skills to serve others and the common good at home and abroad.  The ubiquitous PLU mantra that 'vocation is where our greatest passion meets the world's greatest need' is not just an encouraging catchphrase to aspire to someday; thanks to my PLU education, it is a daily challenge and compass for my work and actions."