Division ofHumanities

Development Director
Peace Community Center, Tacoma

Ruth Tollefson '09
Major: philosophy and English

"In my role as the Development Director, I need to be a strong writer, strategic thinker, and clear communicator. Every day I am tasked with connecting people that want to do good in the community to the work my organization does for students in Tacoma.

Ruth Tollefson '09

It requires patience, creativity, and the ability to build relationships between all different types of people and projects. People are dynamic, and so must be my approach to my work. It's a beautiful challenge. “

"At PLU, I spent years honing my writing and thinking skills through the English and Philosophy departments.  Today, I think back on all those essays and discussions we would have, and I know they were all instrumental in building my skills for a career in fundraising. My classes at PLU held me accountable to learning to express my ideas, interpret the ideas of others, and connect meaningfully with diverse perspectives."