• Time, location, and PLU sponsor clearly on them - OR - should be informational/awareness posters where a PLU group is bringing important information to the PLU community about PLU resources/Info (ie: emergency systems notices, Voices Against Violence, or Res Life Housing availability)
  • Must include contact information (name, phone number or email)
  • All advertising must somehow serve the needs of the student body and that need must be vocally desired by the students or administration (through clear sponsorship of a group or organization)
  • No commercial advertising is allowed - Impact boards are not for providing an audience for groups unaffiliated with PLU
  • No campus organizations may advertise credit card providers or businesses engaged in alcohol and/or gambling, including, but not limited to, casinos and online gambling activities

Other Key Info

  • Individual students may not advertise the sale of their personal goods, such as books, or their personal services, such as car rides or typing
  • Publicity must not interfere with satisfactory maintenance of University property
  • All posters should be distributed by Impact


  • Posters designed by Impact have board-space priority over outside posters
  • Posters must be approved and stamped by SIL
  • To be approved posters must have the following information: title, date, time, place, PLU sponsor, and contact information
  • Due to the small size of some of our boards, at busy times in the year, it may not be possible to feature all posters on all boards
  • On that same note, clients should understand that the Impact distributor will try his/her best to feature the relevant logistical information of each poster. This may require posters to overlap, or graphic information to be covered 


  • All signs to be posted on the butcher paper boards (Lower UC by Impact TV, UC staircase, and OMM TV), must be approved by SIL Desk
  • Butcher paper signs in the UC must be on the Impact butcher paper boards
  • No butcher paper signs may be hung in Admin - at the request of the President


  • There are two public boards by the library where anyone from the local community may post advertisements
  • These do not have to be approved for stamping, but may be rejected at the desk if they contain alcohol, gambling, or offensive content
  • Impact will only take ONE copy of a poster for the public boards
  • Any poster brought by the PLU community, but are clearly not sponsored by it, will be considered for the public general board
  • Advertisements that support a good cause, but aren't sponsored by a PLU group may go on these boards
  • If an individual wants the posters to go on the Impact poster boards, posters must adhere to the above rules in order to be distributed


  • Use of Residence Hall Mailboxes: The use of residence hall mailboxes by student organizations is permitted with the approval of the respective Resident Director. United States mail addressed to individual students, regardless of its nature is approved for distribution
  • No butcher paper signs may be hung in the Halls unless they are RHC- or RHA-related, and may only be hung with the permission of the RHC Communication Director & Hall Director - stamps will still be required
  • We ask all students, staff, and faculty to get their publicity approved through the the SIL Desk (i.e. get the approval stamp). From there, approved printer paper publicity (i.e. 8-1/2" x 11", 8-1/2" x 14", 11"x17", etc) may be given to the Impact office to post on Impact bulletin boards
  • Any publicity that is not properly approved or posted in locations other than Impact bulletin boards will be removed
  • For non-poster advertisements (ie, a large container for a food or clothing drive), individuals will need to get approval from the main Residential Life Office in the University Center

Fliers, brochures, etc: any advertising that is intended to be spread around campus

  • Must have time, location, and PLU sponsor clearly on them (or clearly be associated with PLU)
  • Must follow university policy for general advertising
  • Should be stamped and limited to 25 advertisements
  • If people want a large distribution all over campus they should have their advertisement placed in the Daily Flyer as we don't want our entire campus littered with stray papers 
  • The person requesting items to be stamped should be informed that they should talk to Residential Life if they want to be placing things in the Halls 
  • Any non-student wishing to post housing should be informed that they need to talk to Residential Life - as they can't post off-campus housing on campus
Commercial advertisers should be directed to the Mooring Mast, as that is the only on-campus commercial advertising that is allowed