The Daily Flyer

  • The Daily Flyer is a colorful collection of informative advertisements from clubs and organizations all over the PLU campus. 94 copies are distributed each weekday to PLU students, faculty, and administration.
  • Daily Flyer advertisements are limited to on-campus events and organization.
  • Ads are due at 5pm the day before they are run.
  • As of March 2014 the Daily Flyer has a cap of 16 full pages.
  • Impact DOES NOT ACCEPT Publisher (.pub) and Word (.doc/.docx) documents. Please make sure your ad is saved either as a PDF (.pdf) or JPEG (.jpg) file before you upload it.

If you have questions regarding your Daily Flyer Ad or need to make a change to your ad request (new file, different run dates, etc.), please email

The Daily Flyer is currently taking a break during J-Term. Thank you for understanding.