The Academic Dashboard is a reporting tool developed specifically for Department and Program Chairs, Dean, and administrative personnel providing access to current and historical data on courses, majors and minors, advisees, and other relevant data.  Data are extracted from PLU’s Banner database and organized according to the following topics:

  • Advisors – for lists of advisees by faculty advisor
  • Course and Registration Data – current or historical data by course, instructor, and department
  • Graduation Data – historical data of graduates by degree, by division or school, or by field of study (major or minor)
  • Student Data – for lists of currently enrolled students by field of study.  Once a student has graduated, the student’s record can be found under “graduation data”.

Access to Academic Dashboard is arranged through the Office of the Provost and is available to only PLU faculty, staff and administrators.  You can access Academic Dashboard at, clicking on “Administrative Reporting”.

If you are unable to find the information you seek on Academic Dashboard or in the Factbook, please contact the Office of University Assessment, Accreditation and Research (