Academic Internships Office

Are You Ready?

Approaching the Recruiter

Keep in mind that you are "on stage" at all times, including when you are standing in line or meandering around the Expo area. Some quick tips to make a good first impression:

  • Respect the privacy of others as you approach the table
  • Make eye contact immediately when introducing yourself
  • Give a firm handshake 
  • SMILE and show your enthusiasm!
  • Have questions about the position(s) available, the qualities/skills they look for in a candidate, their selection/hiring process, etc.

What to Wear

Our Pinterest has lots of examples of proper attire! Dress nicely - think of connecting with these companies as your first round of interviews. 

The Introduction

Prep your resume by attending Resume Drop-In Sessions held in Ramstad 112 between 10am-noon and 3-5pm every weekday! Then present your new, spiffed up resume to the recruiter and have your "elevator spiel" ready to go.

  • Name
  • Major/Emphasis
  • Opportunities you are seeking
  • Relevant experience (student teaching, work, internship, volunteer)
  • Highlights of skills and strengths
  • Knowledge of the company

After the Expo

  • Follow up!
    • If you said you would send anything to the employer after the fair (completed application, resume, etc.) be sure to follow through
    • If you spoke extensively with an employer, send a thank-you letter or email within 3 days of the event
  • Write to any prospective employers you are still interested in whether you talked with them at the Expo or not
  • Debrief yourself! What would you do differently the next time around?
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