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If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Internship Office: or call the Director at 253-535-7324. We will post your internship for you if needed.

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Creating an Account

Before you can post any internships, you have to have an account on the database. If you are not sure if you already have an account or have forgotten which email address you used, please contact us at and we will get back to you with that information.

To create an account, simply click onto "Create Account" on the Employer Access page. You will then be asked to enter your email address, to which you will be sent more information about your account. Make sure you update your contact information before attempting to post an internship. The system will not allow your internship to be saved unless you have filled out the required fields of your profile.

Updating Contact Information

Once you have an account on the database and are logged in, you can update your contact information under Employer Access - Profile. Before you can post any internships, the required fields of your profile have to be filled. You can add several contacts and then choose who a student should contact once you post an internship.

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Entering a new Internship

To enter a new internship, you need an account on the database. Make sure all your contact information is up-to-date. If you have not filled out the required fields of your profile, the system will not allow you to save your internship.  You can create a new internship by clicking on the "New Internship" button on the Internships page under Employer Access.

When you post your internship opportunity, be sure you include a detailed description of the position that reflects the responsibilities the student will have. Include the specific qualifications you know will result a successful performance. A well represented announcement will attract better qualified candidates to apply and will give them confidence that they understand what will be expected of them. An internship with a description that is too generic might not get the interest of students and often will create a challenge for it to be approved as an academic internship.

Ask for the application documents you need to make an accurate assessment of your candidates. Resumes and letters are common and strongly recommended, but you can also ask for other documents that can help showcase your candidates’ qualifications and mastery level of key skills. Make sure the students know where to send their application documents to - should they email them, send them by mail to a specific address, or apply online?

At the bottom of the page there is a "Status" drop-down menu. If you want to save your posting as a draft, save it as “Archived.” You can return to it later, edit it and save it as “Pending” to be activated to the web site. Administrators will view the pending posts and approve them before they become viewable to the general public.

When you are done editing the post, hit the preview button at the bottom of the page. Do NOT use the back button afterwards, as you will loose all of the information you entered. Click "Save" on the top right of the preview page to make sure no changes have been lost.

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