Academic Internships Office

Recruiting and Selecting


It is the intention of the Internship Office to have a regular competitive selection process for internships. It provides a learning experience for the students to complete a formal application and prepare for an interview. You also benefit from the resume, letter and interviewing process to get to know your intern better before they start their internship. Remember, you can request any application materials you want: in addition to the traditional resume and letter, you can ask for a transcript, writing sample, references, letters of recommendation, portfolio presentations, etc.

Launching an Internship Program

An article from Inc. Magazine with advice on how to find an intern and create a mutually beneficial experience.

Steps for success in recruiting:

  • Determine the responsibilities your student will be assigned.
  • Create a concise job description including duties and responsibilities, qualifications, time frame of the internship, application process, wages, and any special information you think would be intriguing to student applicants.
  • Post your internship position on the Career Connections & Opportunities Board, or contact our office at (253) 535-7324.
  • Get involved on campus! Contact the Academic Internships office to arrange opportunities to participate in our Career and Internship Fairs, host informational sessions, plan campus visits with student organizations, or to help sponsor campus events. We are happy to add you to our list of interested employers.


Selection is the final step and should be done with the same care as a regular hire. Most employers follow an abbreviated selection process as any regular hire. The additional value in this is that the student has the experience of a competitive, professional interview and selection process.

Once selected, notify people in your organization who the intern will be and when they will start. Plan an orientation for your intern so he/she can be productive as quickly as possible.