Academic Internships Office

University Expectations

To qualify as an academic internship, the university has certain expectations of the employer, the quality of work and the work environment.

  • The internship experience requires the student to apply appropriate higher level thinking, application of skills and professional performance standards.
  • The student’s supervisor, or another professional in the organization, serves as a professional role model and mentor for the student. The mentor develops a relationship that offers enrichment opportunities beyond the specific job parameters.
  • The employer will notify the university as soon as practical should any serious concerns develop or emergency situation occur.
  • The employer will provide honest feedback to the student throughout the internship and complete an evaluation for the university at the close of the internship.

The Internship Process

After you have selected your intern, the student will prepare a Learning Agreement. This form is signed by the student, their faculty sponsor, their internship supervisor at the workplace, and an academic administrator. You should keep a copy of it and refer to it from time to time to be sure the student’s performance and involvement is fulfilling the objectives that were established. At the end of the internship period, you may receive an evaluation form that will ask you to provide some feedback on the student’s performance and how well the internship program served your needs.

The university also asks you to review and sign a Statement of Understanding, an agreement between the internship organization and the institution. You should receive this document early in the internship term. The Statement of Understanding is valid for two years, so you may have a student each term during that period without signing this agreement. We monitor these agreements and will contact you when the agreement is near its expiration, inviting you to renew it.

We sincerely hope your internship experience with PLU students is positive and that each intern adds value to your organization and helps to achieve your mission. Please contact the university, the Internship Office, or the academic department at any time with questions or concerns.

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