Academic Internships Office

Why Students Do Internships

  • Gain Real Work Experience to build upon classroom theories, complete interesting and challenging tasks, and make real decisions and solve relevant problems.
  • Learn New Skills important to their professional career field and develop the skills they have to a higher professional level.
  • Build Their Resume to enhance their credibility and qualifications for a job after graduation.
  • Begin a Professional Network, practice utilizing it, and develop their professional social skills.
  • Work With a Potential Full-Time Employer that they consider desirable for full-time employment after graduation.
  • Get a Post Graduation Job Offer
  • Earn Money – To be a productive employee in their career field while still learning about it.  Student feels more confident that he/she will be given real challenges and provided the resources to be effective at a higher professional standard if they are paid.
  • Test Out an Industry or Organization – Students are rarely exposed to the working side of their career field before they graduate.  The internship gives them that opportunity and can be a deciding factor on whether they will choose to continue in that field.
  • Fulfill Academic Requirements and receive college credit towards graduation.