Academic Internships Office

How the Academic Internship Office Can Serve You

A major purpose of the Internship office is to support the academic departments and the faculty who sponsor our students in their internship experiences. These services include:

  • Employer Files- We maintain current files on employers who regularly recruit our students for internship positions. These files contain employer contact information as well as information about the organization and the internship position.
  • Database- The Internship Office maintains a detailed database which tracks PLU student interns for which we have received Learning Agreements. This data provides a history of what employers have been involved in the program. We can generate reports at any time that will:
    • Provide nearly any information you wish on employer involvement
    • Provide faculty involvement in the Internship program to individual faculty or their related administrators
    • Identify a student’s past internship enrollment and with which employer they worked.
  • Site Visits- The Director may visit internship sites to support a student, to assess the work environment, to help further develop an employer’s internship program and their relationship with PLU, or to address a problem. At your request, and under your direction, the Director of Academic Internships can visit a student for you and provide a thorough review of that visit, responding to your points of concern and other observations.
  • Students with Special Needs- The Director can work with you in addressing the specific needs a student may have in finding an internship. Students and faculty should also consult PLU’s Disability Support Services.
  • Workshops - The Academic Internship Office presents workshops each semester on topics related to internship employment. Topics typically presented include writing resumes, writing a letter of application, preparing for interviews, how to find an internship and what to expect, and tips on internship success (including workplace ethics and etiquette). Upon request, workshops can be presented in a class, at a student organization meeting, or as part of a special meeting for prospective internship students in your department.
  • Trouble Shooting- Occasionally, a placement does not yield a quality experience. The Internship Office can be a resource in addressing problems and issues that arise at the workplace. We will work with you, the student, and the employer to see that difficulties are resolved. The Internships Office is here to support your efforts to adapt and improve your students’ experiences, and we can act as the lead to negotiate necessary changes so that a quality experience is achieved for both the student and the employer.
  • Quality Control- The Internship Office strives to maintain a high standard consistent with university policy and program procedures by guiding students in preparing quality, academic Learning Agreements and by selecting only those employers and positions that will yield valuable experiences. All internships that come to the Internship Office are screened so only those positions that appear to provide a quality experience and will offer our students an opportunity to apply their academic learning and/or offer new learning challenges are posted.
  • Learning Agreement Template- The Internship Office has developed a Learning Agreement that is appropriate for all departments, university-wide. We welcome you to use this form for all your internship students, not just those registering through the Academic Internship Office.
  • Addressing Legal Issues- The Internship Office keeps Learning Agreements and the original copy of the Statement of Understanding (SOU) on file and can initiate the completion of the SOU or can provide you with the document to follow through for your department. We may also be able to assist you with other legal questions related to internships.

There may be other ways that the Internship Office can help and support your internship program and your internship students. The key purpose of the Internship Office is to be a resource and to support your efforts. Our goal is to continue to strengthen and improve the program with high quality experiences and exceptional student performance.

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