Why an Internship?

  • Gain valuable work experience and insight into a career or field of study
  • Potential to transition into a full-time position within the company
  • Apply classroom knowledge to learn professional skills, judgment, and responsibility
  • Develop professional communication skills  and work habits
  • Network with people in the industry

Where are you at in the process?

  • Figure out what you want. Plan ahead by talking with your academic advisor to determine the best time to take an internship and whether or not you want academic credit. What do you want to learn or improve from the experience? With what kind of organization would you enjoy working?
  • Start searching for quality internship postings! Visit us in Ramstad 112 for one-on-one assistance or check out the resources that our office offers through the Career Connections Opportunities Board. Attend the Discipline-Focused Career Fairs and using professional networking sites like LinkedIn can be a great resource to connect with people in your desired career field who might know of some “insider” positions that are available. Click here to discover other online search tools that may assist you in locating an internship.
  • Stay organized throughout the process by tracking with whom you have talked, when you talked to them, and what you thought of the experience. Keep in touch with companies and people with whom you enjoy speaking.

Visit resume and cover letter drop-in hours in Ramstad 112! Bring the internship description, if you have it in order to work on tailoring your resume and cover letter to match the position description. Make sure that you read the application details thoroughly – some employers want additional pieces like transcripts or recommendation letters.

Friends and family can also be great resources when preparing your applications.

Get a faculty sponsor and work with them to identify academic requirements and the number of credit hours for your internship. You’ll need to complete a Learning Agreement (process and more details here) to register before the add/drop date.

Congrats on finding and accepting a great internship position! Always maintain professional attire, be on time, and immerse yourself in the learning experience. You’ve got your foot in the door now – show that you deserve it by engaging with your colleagues and your workplace. Still have questions? Check out our FAQs!

Need assistance? Visit Ramstad 112 or call (253) 535-7459 to schedule an appointment!