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Should I get paid?
There are paid and unpaid internships. Click here to see what we are telling the employers.

University Enrollment Requirements

To enroll in the Academic Internship program:

  • You must have completed at least 28 semester credits at PLU, or 12 credits if a transfer student.
  • You must be a continuing student, enrolled in the previous semester.
  • You must have a 2.0 overall grade point average (your department may have higher GPA requirements).
  • You must not have any outstanding holds on your account
  • You must register within three weeks of your internship start date or no later than mid-semester

To qualify as an academic internship, the position must be one of benefit to the employer. Job shadowing and observations alone do not qualify, though they may be beneficial as an aspect of your overall experience.

You will have the added benefit of a mentor/supervisor who will help support you. This mentor will guide your performance and enrich your experience with professional insight on your work and the career field as a whole. This distinguishes an internships from a regular job.

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Learning Agreement

Once you have accepted an internship, contact your faculty sponsor. You must have a faculty sponsor to register for credit (to read about how to find a faculty sponsor, see: Search Process). Your faculty sponsor can help determine the academic side of your internship experience.

Download the Learning Agreement and get approvals from your faculty sponsor and employer supervisor, then return to the Academic Internships Office. More information can be found here. (School of Business students should view these specific Learning Agreement instructions to begin the process of beginning registration.) Follow the directions as provided. Your Learning Agreement should be signed and turned in before you begin your position and before you register.

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Registration is done via paper learning agreement signed and reviewed by the faculty sponsor, employer, and work supervisor prior to class registration. This learning agreement should be returned to the Academic Internships Office for approval before registering for classes.

School of Business Specific:

Registration is done via the Career Connections Opportunities Board. Please view the Learning Agreement instructions in the section above.

PLU has initiated an online Learning Agreement and authorization and approval process through the Career Connections Opportunities Board.  This results in registration for the course and credits, with the faculty sponsor and employer and work supervisor that is recorded on the Learning Agreement.

Registration Deadline

Registration deadlines are not restricted to the normal "Drop-Add" period. Because employers hire interns apart from the academic calendar,  registration is flexible.Internships must be registered within three weeks of the student's internship start date or no later than mid-semester. If a student has a hold on their account that is not resolved by mid-semester, the student forfeits that internship registration and credits.

If your internship continues at least one full month into the following academic term, you may be eligible to register for the following term. The start and ending dates on the Learning Agreement and the dates of the signatures must clearly indicate that the internship did cover the period to qualify for the term you are registered. Check with your faculty sponsor or the department chair about specific requirements.

No experience may be registered as an internship for a former term or for a former position.

How Many Credits?

Your academic department will guide you in obtaining the number of credits you seek. Each department has their own requirements.  It is wise to check with your department before negotiating work hours with your employer.  

For the Academic Internship courses (AICE), you must work at least four hours per work period, at least two work periods per week, and at least 30 hours for each credit. Remember, your academic department may have other requirements. Contact your department for the requirements to enroll in a departmental internship.

All COOP courses are for full time internships and are for 12 credits.  It is expected that you will not be taking classes on campus.  The 12 credits for your internship will maintain your full time student standing with PLU, financial aid and other important considerations.

Several factors determine the number of credits for which you may register. You should work with your academic advisor to determine the number of credits that will fit best with your academic program, and if those credits should be registered through a course in your academic department or as electives.

Most internships are for a full semester, or the full summer. A part-time experience that is shorter than a half semester does not qualify as an internship, though it may still be a quality opportunity from which you can learn much.

J-Term is the only time you can earn internship credits in just one month. Your J-Term internship must be full time (35 or more hours per week) to earn university credit. J-Term credits for internships are set at 1 to 4.

Remember, your internship may not end when you meet the number of hours required for the number of credits for which you have registered. Often, the number of hours needed to achieve the credits you have registered for is met before the end of the term. Your obligation, however, is to work with the employer for the stated period. There should be an end date entered on the Learning Agreement so there is no misunderstanding.

Work & Class Schedules

Most PLU students enroll in their internship during a semester when they are also taking a class or two on campus. This requires a work schedule that allows you to be on campus to go to class. It requires vigilance on your part to fulfill classroom obligations as well as meet your responsibilities at your internship experience. Most employers are flexible when the internship is part-time to allow for your class schedule. Keep in mind the required minimum number of hours of work for each credit. Two or more days per week is recommended. You may exceed those minimums without registering for more credits.

Some students work full-time at their internship, dedicating the entire semester to learning on the job. Full-time positions are much more likely to be paid than part-time. Most students prefer a full-time internship during the summer. Job postings will indicate whether the employer is offering a full-time or part-time internship and whether it is paid or unpaid.

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