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Terry Reilly Health Services

Matt Peters is a Spring 2013 alum who is now attending the UW School of Medicine. He completed a summer internship at Terry Reilly Health Services while majoring in Sociology here at PLU. Terry Reilly offers medical and dental services to SW Idaho through several clinic locations in urban and rural settings. As a federally-funded community health center, Terry Reilly cares for patients from all walks of life by offering a sliding pay scale based on each patient's income level. 

"My position was a bit unique because the internship position kind of got created for me. I had a previous connection with a physician who works at Terry Reilly, which is how I initially got my foot in the door and began asking questions. (Use your network!) After about a year of communicating with the organization, they eventually created a volunteer internship for me that encapsulated nearly all sides of what Terry Reilly does. Through my position, I worked with administrators, pharmacists, nurses, and patients. My duties included various administrative projects, assisting patients with applicatinos for subsidized prescriptions, and shadowing physicians."

"I would recommend that everyone do an internship if possible! Getting experience in a work setting is truly invaluable and teaches you a lot about the basics of professionalism and effective communication. I would say that it is crucial to be assertive and ambitious when working as an intern. I think a lot of students get into the 'real world' and are timid or afraid to be themselves. Employers expect you to bring your best and be yourself, so don't be afraid to ask questions, provide input, and share your skills - in a professional and respectful way, obviously."