Academic Internships Office

Internship Process for Undergraduate Students

First, complete the Learning Agreement worksheet and review with your internship faculty sponsor. Use it to complete the electronic Learning Agreement on the Career Connections Opportunities Board (CCOB). Click on the CCOB link and continue with the instructions below to complete the steps for registration!

Once in the system, you will see a link to complete the electronic Agreement on the left sidebar.


First: Enter your internship term
Second: Click the “Other” tab


Next: Fill in the fields as indicated with the appropriate information and click “Save.” The screen you should be on to complete the Agreement is shown. Once completed and saved, you are done!


This is the rest of the process:

  1. When saved, it is automatically received by the Internship Office.
  2. The Internship Office processes the electronic Learning Agreement within 24 hours:
    1. Connects your faculty sponsor
    2. Initiates the Authorization process
  3. The electronic Learning Agreement is emailed for review and authorization in this order:
    1. To the employer; when authorized here, it is emailed on
    2. To the faculty sponsor; when authorized here, it is emailed on
    3. To the department chair; when authorized here, it is emailed on
    4. To the student for their final acceptance; following that, it is sent
    5. To the Registrar – It is vitally important to follow through with your final acceptance. Without that, you will not be registered

The Internship Office will send the data to the Registrar for registration. The student MUST authorize final acceptance of the Learning Agreement (sent via email, see Step 3d above) before registration can take place.